Stay Home Musically is a virtual collaborative platform (Instagram and YouTube) initiated by me during the COVID-19 2020. I have written a tune named We will shake each other’s hands again! (2020) and worked with professors, musicians and friends for the translation of lyrics in 10 more languages.
Via this platform, I hope to 1) sent out positivity, love, faith and the message of maintaining high personal hygiene to the world 2) encourage music creation, collaboration and musical interaction among musicians and audience from different nations 3) experiment in different lyrics and music setting in the context of cross-cultural musical performance and interpretation.
Thank you all so much for all the contributions from all my professors, musicians, and friends!
Watch different performances here!
Thank you lyrics collaborator, advisor, and friends who helped for the lyrics! Special thanks to my composition teachers: Prof. Travers and Prof Freund for helping me throughout the composition process!
Lyrics Credits: Prof. Luciana Namorato (Portuguese), Andrea DelValle (Spanish), Him Chan (Cantonese), Yuseok Seol (Korean), Shuyu Lin (Mandarin), Teodoro Filippini (Italian), Chin Chin Tan (Malaysian), James Cheung (German), Amane Machida (Japanese), Wuerxiya Mongolia and friends (Mongolian), Alain Barker (Project Jumpstart), Lawrence Wong, Peggie, Chris Song , Yuanfei Chen and more! 
Musicians Credits: