The Cross-Collective Music Collective Spring Opening Concert 2020 (15 February 2020, Monroe County Public Library Auditorium, US)


CCMC Fall 2019 Concert: “There is no such thing called world music, but I believe that music is just music” (6 December 2019, Ford-Crawford Hall, Indiana University, US)
The Secret of Cantonese Opera X Hippocrates’s Three Character Classic X (WoodNam x HakGwai)voices 《粵劇寶典》X《阿楠的三字經》X《(木南 x 黑鬼)之音》 (26-27 July 2019, Cattle Depot Theatre, HK)


Hippocrates’s Three Character Classic《鄭靖楠的三字經》(5 December 2018, Lecture Theatre, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, HK)
The Secret of Cantonese Opera 粵劇寶典 (14 May 2018, Tai Kwun, HK)