Music remixed, remastered and recreated from Cheng’s new samples and previous music recordings
2 min.
Animation 動畫: Mono Tung 童昭安
Composer 作曲: Hippocrates Cheng 鄭靖楠
Programme note
It was my pleasure to work with Architectural Designer Mono Tung and score music for his amazing’s animation of the Bishop Mountain Service Reservoir! I was stunned when I first saw his work, and I hope to contribute as a composer to help with heritage conservation.
很高興可以同建築設計師 Mono Tung 合作將佢嘅主教山配水庫動畫配上(or FF)音樂變成一個有聲有畫面嘅作品!之前見到佢嘅作品覺得好震撼,所以都希望以一位作曲人嘅身份為保育出一分力。


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