7 min.
Exhibition: Ng Yin-ki, animation, 2-30 September 2018, HKAPA Multi-purpose Platform (G/F), HK
展覽: 吳彥琪, 動畫; 2018年9月2-30日, 香港演藝學院多用途平台, 香港
Programme note
“Polyhedramatics: The Dance” is an animation work written in Three.js. It is designed with respect to Hippocrates Cheng ‘s music piece “Concerto for Orchestra: What Could I Leave for the World.”.
The remarkable interweaving of the beauty of Music and Mathematics is shown in the studies of Scales, Chords, Harmonic Series, Resonance, and much more. Deeply inspired by the torus-structure of Tonnetz in the Neo-Riemannian music theory, and with the aid of Javascript 3D Libraries, this artwork is a ”Drama“ in which various “Polyhedra” dance to celebrate the inline mathematical beauty from the Concerto — and thereby a “Polyhe-dramatics”. It hopes to visualize the Composer’s “…unique soundscape which could resonate with our past, present and the future soundcloud” in magnificence.
This version is an excerpt up to letter H of the music.
「多面體狂想。舞」( “Polyhedramatics: The Dance”) 是一套以 Three.js 寫成的配製動畫,根據鄭靖楠的協奏曲「我可以為這個世界留下甚麼。」而創。
音樂與數學絲絲緊扣:音階、和弦、泛音列、共振等精緻的規律與和諧,都與數學的嚴謹密不可分。深受新里曼理論學調性網絡 (Tonnetz)的數學環面結構啟發,這套動畫透過 Javascript 3D 庫用程式編寫各個點、線、面組成的幾何多面體 (Polyhedra),讓它們隨協奏曲的數學特性起舞表演 (Polyhe-dramatics)--藉此在視覺層面中,華麗地呈現作曲家的「…與過去、現在、未來的聲音共鳴的聲音世界」。



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