For harpsichord solo (3 movements)
為古鍵琴而作 (三樂章)
13 min.
Instrumentation: harpsichord
World premiere: Deng Tianyu, harpsichord, 17 October 2016, HKAPA Recital Hall, HK
世界首演: 鄧天瑜, 古鍵琴; 2016年10月17日, 香港演藝學院演奏廳, 香港
Programme note
‘I am not alone because loneliness is always with me’. Everyone has his or her own interpretation of ‘loneliness’. Also, there are various types of loneliness and how they sound like?
“For ONE", in three different movements (all without titles), makes use of harpsichord double manuals and different sound stops in order to depict three types of loneliness.
It is hoped that audience could write down their own response to each movement as the title of three movements


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