For performers (with DIY instruments) and audience
7 min.
Instrumentation: performers, audience
World premiere: Hippocrates Cheng, conductor, 17 October 2016, HKAPA Recital Hall, HK
Programme note
In the most original form of music, there should be no any boundaries and even specific clarification between ‘audience’ and ‘performer’. Everyone at any time and places could be both music creator and listener. However, in nowadays, we always place audience and performers in an intangible distance.
‘For ALL’ is a highly participatory and interactive piece for performers and audience with any musical backgrounds. Audience is not just listening to the music but also creating music according to a set of instructions. At the same time, performers including conductor will respond and interact to audience without losing the original musicality. This piece aims to promote the idea of ‘music for all’ regarding any nationality, language, musical background, time and spaces.


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