For Chinese ensemble
4 min.
Instrumentation: liuqin, pipa, yangqin, zhongruan, guzheng
World premiere: Music-Joint Association, 1 March 2019, Chung Chi College Chapel, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK
世界首演: 凝音樂坊, 2019年3月1日, 香港中文大學崇基學院禮拜堂, 香港
Performance: The Music-Joint Association, 8 March 2019, Studio One, Broadcasting House, RTHK, HK
演出: 凝音樂坊, 2019年3月8日, 香港電台一號錄播室, 香港
Programme note
Living in the city, we always hope to seek for our mindfulness and moment of purification. We also hope to be focused on our meaning of living and life. The composer tries to make use of different techniques and timbre from different plucked instruments with the fragmented melody in different voices in order to depict the peaceful and moment of ‘being purified’.


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