For snare drum and soprano
7 min.
Instrumentation: snare drum, soprano
Programme note
A Ritual of Coding Spirits is written for a snare drum and a soprano with an electrical megaphone. Inspired by a Balinese monkey chant and dance called Kecak, the music depicts the dialogue between two performers in a dance and music drama ritual. 
The soprano is a master of the ritual who could codify her followers and turn them into her successor of a ritual master. The snare drum player here serves as the master’s apprentice. During the coding process, the master uses the crotales as a spirits summoner to ‘awaken’ her student. At the same time, the master immerses her student with the spell from the electrical megaphone.
However, the coding process is not as smooth as the master predicted. Her student is confused and reluctant to lose all of her mind to become the next empty-minded master. This piece portraits their dialogue, compromise, and fight in a sonic but also visual aspect.


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