For flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, cello and harpsichord (with video)
為長笛, 雙簧管, 單簧管, 巴松管, 大提琴和古鍵琴而作
6 min.
Instrumentation: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, cello and harpsichord
World premiere: Collegium Musicum Hong Kong; Johnny M. Poon, conductor, 31 October 2015, HKCC Studio Theatre, HK 
Programme note
“Mirage” is a natural optical phenomenon often witnessed in the desert, where the image of an object would be bent to reflect in another location and cause illusions. When facing a critical situation in the desert, travelers long to find an oasis. Yet, what if the  observed peace and rest are just reflections of a haven?
The piece depicts the beauty of mirage from the beginning by the harpsichord. However, every time when beauty appears, the music dissolves, representing the illusion of an oasis breaking apart. In the middle section, cello conveys the feeling of loneliness and desperation, especially with the accompaniment of “wind” sounds from the woodwinds. When the harpsichord joins in again, the beauty of mirage resurfaces and the whole piece ends in an illusion.


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