For baroque chamber orchestra 為巴洛克室樂團而作
6 min.
World premiere: Collegium Musicum Hong Kong; Prof. Johnny M. Poon, conductor, 31 October 2015, HKCC Studio Theatre, HK
世界首演: 香港巴羅克室樂團; 潘明倫教授, 指揮, 2015年10月31日, 香港文化中心劇場, 香港
Programme note
Silk Road, is an ancient network of trade routes which connected the East and the West, covering different countries like China and India. Also, the establishment of the Silk Road contributed to the civilizations along the routes.
Taking reference from the coverage of regions of this ancient network, “Traces of Silk Road” incorporates different music elements from the East and the West. The piece starts with a percussion drone with more and more layers adding in. There is a regular leading “voice” throughout the piece, and different instruments build upon this motif and intertwine. After the refreshing percussion solo section, different parts join back gradually and end the whole piece with great excitement.


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