For string orchestra 為弦樂團而作
7 min.
World premiere: Byron Lo, conductor, 24 May 2016, HKBU AC Hall, HK
世界首演: 盧卓安, 指揮, 2016年5月24日, 香港浸會大學會堂, 香港
Programme note
The Wheel of Time is a string orchestral piece which describes the movement of time. It describes the story of a man who regretted his present life and tried to chase back his time by using a time machine.
The combination of minimalism, (Less is more, a music style characterized by the repetition and development of very short phrases) and romanticism describes our different experiences with the time.
There is a recurring rhythmic pattern as a minimal element throughout the piece. It imitates the spinning sound of the wheel of the time and it transforms according to the whole music. Also, different string sections are assigned with their unique melodic lines according to their different sonorities.
Also, there is a special arrangement of the piece. Conductor conducts and plays as a soloist in this piece because there are symbolic roles for the conductor and the orchestra. Conductor is the person who is trying to control (conduct) and chase back the time (the string orchestra) by playing solo.


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