For pipa and orchestra 為琵琶和交響樂團而作
Commissioned by Sha Tin Arts Association Limited with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund
9 min.
Instrumentation: pipa soloist,
World premiere: Sha Tin Symphony Orchestra; Pang Wing Man, pipa; Benson Ma, conductor, 19 October 2019, Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium, HK
世界首演: 沙田交響樂團; 彭泳汶, 琵琶; 馬文彬, 指揮, 2019年10月19日, 沙田大會堂演奏廳, 香港
Programme note
Through composing “The Initial Thoughts", the composer wishes to express and awake the state of mind when an individual first decides to learn about music. Among numerous Chinese instruments, the composer believes that pipa is an instrument which could most reflect the soul of the instrumentalist himself/herself.
The composer utilizes the orchestra to depict city life that we live in, whereas the pipa solo symbolizes the soul of an individual. Similar to the tug of war between an individual’s soul and the surrounding that one lives in, the pipa solo and the orchestra mingle and repel at times during the composition.
In addition, the composer composes the pipa solo part by combining the figures and sounds from traditional pipa music with modern compositional techniques. The composer also gives an important role to the orchestra. Apart from accompanying the pipa solo and giving contrasts, there are multiple instances of orchestral solo passages where the orchestra also shares the limelight.
The composer creates a clear, simple yet elegant melody to the pipa solo, which resembles the initial intention when we started out to learn music. Although it may be tainted and mutilated by the bustling surrounding city life, the composer would like to give everyone a chance to look back and contemplate upon our original intention and resolution. It is the wish of the composer that the audience would be able to do the same on other aspects of their life—to find their own meaning of work and life, and to find hope along the way.
作曲者給予琵琶獨奏一個明確、簡單而優美的旋律, 就像我們初學音樂的心境。雖然隨著社會的環境而令我們慢慢忘卻,但作曲者希望透過這首樂曲,可以帶給我們一個勿忘初心的機會,尋找當初的心境和意義。作曲者更希望聽眾聽畢此曲以後,無論在工作或生活上,都可以找到自己,亦找到希望。


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