For string orchestra 為弦樂團而作
Commissioned by Hong Kong Chordophonia 香港弦人
10 min.
Instrumentation: strings-optional overtone singer
World premiere: Hong Kong Chordophonia; Johnson Leung, conductor, 4 August 2017, Tsuen Wan Town Hall Auditorium, HK
世界首演: 香港弦人; 梁學翹, 指揮, 2017年8月4日, 荃灣大會堂演奏廳, 香港
Programme note
Temple Street, located in Yau Ma Tei,  is a street which is known for its night market. There are more than a hundred stalls in the market which mainly sell low-priced merchandise. It sells various products such as cheap electronic devices, antique handicrafts, tea sets and so on. 
Outside the temple, there are numerous fortune-teller stalls .There are often traditional Chinese Opera performances on the street. On the other hand, there are stalls serving food prepared in styles unique to the rest of the world, seafood, clay-pot food are among the well-known.
I was impressed by the experience in my first time being to Temple Street . The view and sound fascinated me a lot. This time I try to use a string orchestra as a medium to depict my Temple Street’s experience. The piece incorporates different musical styles and elements, in parallel with the multicultural Temple Street. 
There are also some interesting music effects such as using the bow and wood to play different natural harmonics and singing overtones with the string sound in order to create a new soundscape for the whole piece.


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